Technology & Innovation

Atlas London builds on the City West mind-set of always being open to new ideas.

Technology and Innovation

We are always challenging the way we do things across all the services we provide. This involves thinking innovatively about how we liaise with our clients, our cleaning and support service methodologies, the products we use, and the technology and equipment that supports us.

Atlas London implements technology to enhance the delivery of our services and to improve communications. Our continuous improvement methodology helps drive innovation throughout our business.

Keeping technology at the forefront

  • Our service is enhanced using industry leading machinery and equipment, such as cobotics, to drive reliability and efficiency.
  • Our sensor technology measures footfall, delivers proof of presence, and provides real time information to support our demand led cleaning model.
  • Clean Zero allows us to provide powerful, sustainable, chemical-free cleaning.
  • We’ve implemented QR Codes and NFC Tags on our clients’ premises to provide proof of service, support space booking for desks and meeting rooms, and support occupancy planning.


Performance Measurement & Reporting

Atlas Connect provides bespoke client dashboards and reporting in real time.

We use ATP testing and anti-microbial coatings to minimise infection and manage touchpoint cleaning effectively.

Six Sigma/ LEAN methodologies enable us drive efficiencies through process improvement.

Iauditor supports effective Management Information and real-time data.